Ted Talk/Letters to a Young Artist

Watching the TED talk in class, from Seoul, was very inspiring and interesting. He talked about artists and essentially how we push down our inner artists as we grow up. Like we talked about in class, being in the arts isn’t always viewed well with family members and potentially friends. This is something I’ve struggled with in the past but now am finally starting to get some approval from my parents. Not that my parents haven’t always supported me and what I want to do, but I’ve defiantly felt they would rather have the route of Psychology (this is my major) over going into Fashion. But now they are starting to be more supportive as I’ve been showing them that I can make a career in this field and that this is something I truly love and am passionate about. Then when we had our class discussion something that really related to me was a story one of our classmates shared it was about Confidence. From Letters to a Young Artist by Anna Deavere Smith, the quote was “Confidence is a static state. Determination is active. Determination allows for doubt and humility-both of which are critical in the world today.” Hearing this quote in class, then going to read more from the book, really reignited with me. Confidence is something I’ve always struggled with and this story really opened my eyes are confidence and determination go hand in hand. By being more determined and going for my dreams of doing something in fashion it has helped my confidence immensely. As now I’m working for something I’m truly passionate about I’m more confident working towards my goal and my ability to obtain my goal and any future goals I have.


“Everybody Street”

The film “Everybody Street” was a really interesting film, it gave me a lot of insight about street photography and what it means to be this style photographer. I really enjoyed how they focused on a broad and diverse group of photographers, all who were based in New York. It was inspiring being able to hear about all of their different work and personal stories. I really enjoyed how the film allowed the photographers to speak for themselves All of the photographers were different in various ways, however, they all shared the same amount of passion and interest for their work. I really enjoyed the debate about asking before taking a photo or not. This was never really something I thought was an issue, as long as the persons face wasn’t being shown. I now understand why photographers are split on this controversial issue, however, I think personally I am on the side of taking them before asking. I believe it isn’t an issue if someone’s face isn’t really shown, because I do agree that a picture could come out too posed. I think photography is about capturing moments and in order to capture genuine, unique moments sometimes you have to just take the photo in that moment without being able to ask for permission. As a new photographer, I really enjoyed this film, it taught me a lot about street photography and really inspired me to get out of my comfort zone and find my own style with photography.

Dip & Trip

The Diptych and Triptych assignment was one of the more challenging assignments for me. I’m not very creative when it comes to creating these, I couldn’t think of anything  that had to do with completing one image with another. So instead I did a different take on a self-portrait, using my sister as my model. In my diptych I used one of my favorite images as her self-portrait but then in the image next to it I used a close up image to show all the details in her outfit. I’m really into fashion and styling and thought this was a cool way to show the little details that complete one’s outfit and complement their personal style. Then for my triptych I did a self-portrait, similar to one of the examples we saw in class, I took an up close picture of her face, then again of her mid section, then I jumped down to her shoes. Looking at the completed triptych I wish I would have took all the images horizontally to get more of her in the image to have it be her whole body shown. Overall, even though I struggled with this project I think my images came out really well and even though they were self-portraits I think they were really creative. I chose to do the self-portraits because I’m really into fashion and simply wanted to show my sisters style (which I love) in a different way . This assignment was also really helpful for me because it gave me new ideas for potential social media marketing ideas!


These Hands Don’t Hurt

My photo book project was about domestic violence awareness, I asked the women from my sorority to be apart of my book by allowing me to take their photo and asking them what they think of domestic violence awareness and how educating others on this topic has impacted them. I originally sought to ask women to share their stories but this can be a very personal thing for some women to share, however, I still think my book is very impactful because the women that helped me create it are all so passionate about raising awareness for this growing issue. This was a really cool project for me to do because I have a personal connection to this subject, I have been affected by domestic violence and I was once active in Alpha Chi Omega and raised awareness for domestic violence for the past 4 years with them. Now that I am an alumni I wanted to continue to spread awareness and this was one of the ways I felt I could help. Domestic violence is a growing issue in our world and is something that is not often talked about due to it’s dark subject matter. However the only way to ever end domestic violence is to educate others so they know the signs and different forms domestic violence has. That is one thing that I never knew until joining Alpha Chi was that just because someone isn’t hitting you doesn’t mean your not in an abusive relationship. That domestic violence can be financial, emotional, verbal and physical abuse.  After the project, I’m donating my book to Alpha Chi so then they can use it when educating others in a unique way.


Beans and Nics take MOPA

Over the weekend Beans (Stephen) and I went to the MOPA museum in San Diego. It was really cool to go and checkout the exhibits they had up. We started at Point/Counterpoint, this was an exhibit that portrayed political, economic, and social issues between the United States and Mexico. Every photographer whose work was displayed in the exhibit was Hispanic. Many of the photos in the exhibit showed their subjects with traditional and stereotypical Mexican aspects in life and tradition, compared to the reality of Mexican culture. One of my favorite artists was Dr. Larka, it was interesting to see how she used her images to blur the lines of pop culture and traditional imagery.

Moving to the Coinciding with Point/Counterpoint, this was an exhibit that portrayed a lot of various themes such as cultural identity, appropriation, and the body. Another one of my favorite artists was found in this exhibit, Ana Casas Broda. I found her series “Kinderwunsch” really interesting, in this she portrayed her desires to be both a mother and an artist. Broda did this by capturing images of herself and her son, describing motherhood in complex interactions through memories and daily life. Broda created a narrative of reality and fantasy of her and her sons interactions. I thought it was a beautiful exhibit, one that you could really feel the emotion while looking at the photographs.

Overall, the museum was really cool to check out, seeing a lot the different photographs and walking through and seeing how each series focused on a different topic was really interesting. To see how they wanted to shine a light on that topic and how they chose to portray it through photographs was creative, innovative and inspiring.

Darkness & Light

The documentary “Darkness and Light” is about Richard Avedon and the impact he makes on the world of photography, as a fashion photographer. Richard Avedon is innovative and set the tone for what fashion photograph was supposed to be. Avedon has been a fashion photographer for over 50 years, working for various magazines, he’s done it all. One of his famous shots was a girl laying naked on the cement with a snake wrapped around her. His work was controversial yet elegant. When he shot for fashion he showed how elegant fashion could be captured, he portrayed a feeling in all of his photographs. Portraying the idea that if you bought the product used in the photos you could obtain that feeling. His photographs appear simple but as you look closer you can see there is more to it than what you see at first glance. Richard Avedon doesn’t capture moments, instead he creates them. Every photograph he has when you look at it, it excludes a feeling, each photograph a different feeling from the next. I thought Avedon’s work was amazing and beautiful, he is definitely someone who inspired me especially since he is a fashion photographer and fashion is one of the things I am passionate it about. I thought this documentary was really interesting and insightful. I’m interested in researching more about Avedon to see more of his work that wasn’t shown in the documentary we watched. He definitely gave me a lot of inspiration for what I would like to do in this class and for what I would like to do in the future as I pursue a career in fashion.

The Alphabet

In class today everyone sought to find letters in nature. Trying to find letters in nature was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. Walking around campus multiple times I was able to find 17 letters, however, in my photograph below I only used 13. Due to the quality and how the letters were portrayed in my photographs, didn’t accurately represent them as I saw them in nature. Although this project was difficult, it’s one of my favorite projects we’ve done so far because you had to notice details, that normally you would never see. It was interesting to think about how these letters are always around, there small details that surround us in our daily environment, yet we never notice them unless you take the time to look for them. Taking the time to look at your environment, you’ll notice the smallest, simplest details that make our world unique. I’m really proud of my project, this was one of the most difficult projects for me so far. But even though I’m proud of it, there are some things I would like to change for next time. Next time I complete a project like this I want to take more time to find letters in nature so I could get the whole alphabet and I wish I would have made mine black and white, I think making it black and white it would look more uniform and clean.LettersProject